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Who is WIENE besides the writer of his successful thrillers? Wiene’s co-parent of two adolescent children. In addition, he is a successful entrepreneur. So far the positive news. WIENE also has a bipolar disorder and has in the past been admitted with psychoses in a psychiatric clinic. He has been unable to resist the temptations of alcohol and cocaine for years, despite his heavy responsibilities in business and private life.

But WIENE would not be WIENE if he did not turn all of these life experiences into something positive. Something that he can share with his environment and that others and he could help with. That is where the origin of his first book ‘Als Grenzen Vervagen‘ lies. And once he had the taste of writing he could elaborate on his addiction to Curaçao. Simply by writing books that take place on that fantastic island. ‘Snakkend naar Adem‘ (Dutch) followed quickly. But the real breakthrough came with ‘Shocking Contrast‘. WIENE is the first to launch an app that is linked to ‘Snakkend naar Adem’ (Dutch), ‘Shocking Contrast’ and ‘Spiegelreflex‘ (Dutch), making these thrillers the first interactive 4D thrillers that have ever have been published. A concept that WIENE has developed together with a team of professionals and with which he wants to attract a new generations of readers.