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First of all, WIENE is a dedicated and proud father of two children. Bram graduated from Artez, Creative Writing and is committed to society in many ways. Hannah has completed her education at the drama school in Arnhem with verve and is continuing her studies at the school for journalism. So the apples don’t fall far from the tree. WIENE has been active as a writer for more than ten years. For most of that time he has focused on writing thrillers set on Curaçao, the island you fell in love with in the 1990s and where he now lives. Of course to enjoy the island, but also to gain inspiration for exciting storylines. WIENE was the first writer to launch an app linked to his thrillers. A concept that WIENE has developed and with which he adds an extra dimension to his books. These thrillers are therefore the first interactive thrillers ever published. The places where the books take place, called hotspots, can be found in the app and provide a fantastic image using photos, videos and texts. This way you can read and experience the books in 4D and enjoy Curaçao to the fullest. The last two titles of WIENE have been translated into Papiamento. As an ode to the island and to offer younger Antillean readers books that fit their environment. More information about WIENE’s work can be found in the free downloadable WIENE 4D app or at www.wieneschrift.nl.

In addition to writing, WIENE actively promotes reading and writing. This is based on his ideas that reading and writing, but also music, are the cement of society that connects people and is a solid foundation for everyone’s personal development. Together with Mishane Arrendell, they created the ‘Writers Festival Curaçao’. An initiative for people, young and elderly, who are looking for a platform to let their talent come to fruition. By organizing festivals on a regular basis, they are constantly looking for new ways to tap into the creativity of people with a passion for the performing arts. In addition, Mishane and WIENE present the radio program ‘UIT DE ART!’ every Friday afternoon on radio Hoyer 2, 105.1 FM. In the program they discuss the rich offer that there is on Curaçao in the field of art and culture.